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At Ravel, our main aim is to create quality, affordable time solutions for the whole family.

Our men's and women's watches range from digital watches, sports watches and easy-fasten watches all the way through to leather watches. Easy read dials, silver tone and gold tone watches all feature heavily to satisfy all ages. Click here to view the men's collection and here to view the women's collection

Our Kid's watches feature time-teacher dials, high quality character straps and easy fasten watches to cater for all styles and ages. Glow in the dark watches, football watches, unicorn watches are a few of the highlights that make wearing a watch and learning to tell the time more fun. Click here to view our kid's collections today.

Our alarm clock selection now comprises of analog, digital, talking, time-teacher and radio-controlled clocks. Available in a variety of sizes and colours, view the collection here today.

Pocket watches, nurses watches and our floral garden collection are also available here.

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Women's Floral Watches

Our floral garden watches bring a touch of serenity to modern day life. Our wonderfully finished straps and cases are complimented by subtle heart, flower and butterfly imagery for a real fashion statement.

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